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Daniel de Córdoba Bailes Españoles Foundation
features dances in Classical, Escuela Bolera, and Flamenco Puro.


Flamenco is the product of a centuries-old living-tradition from the Andalusian region of Southern Spain.  The roots of Flamenco dancing go back even further, to India, the homeland of gypsies who arrived in Spain about 500 years ago.

These gypsies journeyed through southern Asia, Egypt, the Middle East, Central Europe, Southern France, and then Spain.

In Spain, their music and singing mixed with the Jewish and Arabic influences that abounded at that time.  Little by little,  Flamenco developed, mostly in the area  surrounding the cities  of Seville, Jerez, and Cadiz.  This nascent Flamenco was  usually performed in private, and almost never heard by outsiders.

In 1842, Flamenco was performed publicly for the first time at the Cafe Cantante Flamenco nightclub in Seville. By the turn of the century, Flamenco was performed only at fairs, fiestas, and tours.

Such events reached only a fraction of people who are interested in this art form, so today, Flamenco has been taken to concert halls.

Daniel de Córdoba has performed to acclaim in Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Broadway as well as the Majestic Theatre, the Latino Cultural Center  and the Dallas Museum of Art.

Daniel de Córdoba’s Bailes Españoles Foundation is a Not-for-Profit Foundation (501C) chartered by the state of Texas, founded to promote, educate and develop artistic talents and foster the Hispanic and Cultural Arts.  Daniel de Córdoba’s Bailes Españoles Foundation is available for Concerts, Lectures, conventions and Private Parties.  Performance schedules are subject to change.

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